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About Frontier Directional Drilling

Alaskan family owned and operated, Frontier Directional Drilling's attention to detail has afforded us a well-respected reputation that remains intact by providing customers with individualized solutions for their projects, by listening to the customer, and utilizing our industry experience.



We serve a wide range of industries including Oil & Gas, Electric, Telecommunications, and Water & Sewer.  Our employees are familiar with the difficult terrains Alaska presents including permafrost, rivers, and wetlands and understand the logistics required to accomplish the task.



Frontier Directional Drilling's industry experience starts with the career accomplishments of its President, Robbie Boone, and Drilling Operations Manager, Dustyn Cherrington.



Robbie began his career installing telecommunications with his family owned and operated business in Arizona's Cochise County.  He spent the next twenty years working for multiple companies in the pipeline industry, working his way from driller/locator to drill superintendent/project manager.  His employment brought him to Alaska in 2007 and in 2012, he incorporated Frontier Directional Drilling Specialists, Inc. to bring his expertise of HDD to Alaska.  Along with his expertise, he employed his long-time friend and coworker, Dustyn Cherrington, as Frontier's Drilling Operations Manager.



Dustyn's background and experience in the pipeline industry began before he was born.  He was born the grandson of Martin Cherrington, often hailed as "the father of HDD".  Martin Cherrington "conceived the use of Horizontal Directional Drilling as a practical alternative to conventional trenching methods beginning in the 1960s" and founded the Cherrington Corporation in 1984.  The Cherrington Corporation is known world-wide as an innovation leader in the horizontal directional drilling industry.  Dustyn started his career in the family business as a driller, traveling the world, successfully completing a multitude of large-diameter, long length crossings, and beach approaches.  When the opportunity arose to join Frontier, Dustyn was enthusiastic to collaborate with Robbie to expand an exceptional HDD company in Alaska.