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We offer a wide-sized range of directional drilling rigs to accommodate your pipeline needs, whether it is an 4" HDPE Telecommunications expansion or a 20" Steel natural gas pipeline.  Our equipment is outfitted to operate in Alaska's extreme weather conditions with enclosed cabs and insulated mix systems.  This, combined with our experience and an understanding of Alaska's seasons, allows for year round production.
Frontier utilizes the DigiTrack F5 locating system that allows us to have the most precise data while using remote steering.  This state-of-the-art technology gives us real-time data regarding the exact location of the drill head in the ground, as well as how that location relates to where any existing utilities run.  All of this data is logged and uploaded to our computer system to allow us to print a detailed, user friendly bore profiling report.




Frontier has the resources to accomplish all of your directional drilling projects!  Our staff can assist you with any of your pipeline needs.  We offer competitive pricing and service that surpasses industry standards. Give us a call for a quote!